Feast of St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr

When Bishop Robert McElroy called me two years ago and told me that I am assigned as Pastor of St. Agnes Catholic Church, I had mixed feelings. I was shocked, surprised and excited because to be as signed as pastor of a parish is a great task and responsibility. It is also a sign of the bishop’s trust in me. Moreover, I was also scared because the parish is new to me and I’m not so familiar with the life St. Agnes. After almost two years in the parish, I began to love St. Agnes because at a young age she understood her calling and purpose in life. She dedicated her whole life to Jesus. God became the center in her life putting Him above all else. What a great saint! She is an example to young people today.

All of us are called to put Jesus as the absolute, essential and supreme good in our lives. She was a courageous woman. She was not afraid to die. She understood that love is greater than death and that God can bring the best from the worst, the most wonderful from the unexpected places. She centered her life on the Cross of Jesus because the Cross is the key in knowing and loving God.

Jesus is everything to her. The image of a lamb beside her signifies that her life is a precious offering to God, a sacrifice for the salvation of souls.

When somebody wanted to dishonor her, that person became blind and she healed him by her prayer. What a selfless person! Jesus is the greatest gift of the Father to us. He is the fulfillment of all God’s promises and rewards. He fulfills the yearning and longing of the people of Israel, the longing to see the face of God and be seen by God. Through him, the great light of liberation has dawned, the gathering of God’s people is fulfilled.

By following Him we are tasked to continue the gathering of all people to God like St. Agnes. Jesus called St. Agnes to greater intimacy with Him and be an instrument of His love and care to others. We are all called to be partners of God in spreading the Good News that His kingdom is in our midst inviting us to allow God’s loving power reign in our hearts Viva St. Agnes! Pray for us!

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