The feast of the Holy Guardian Angels reveals God’s greatness and power. Angels are manifestation of God’s loving presence. Nothing is beyond God’s grace and redemption. Angels come from the Greek word, Angelos, which means envoys, intermediaries between God and man. They are messengers, guardians, protectors and teachers. The whole Bible is filled with reference to angels. They are agents of God’s providence. Tobias was accompanied by Archangel Raphael and found love and joy through his trust and faith in
God (Tobit 4:1-2). The people of Israel were accompanied by an angel as they fled from Egypt to freedom (Exodus 14:19). Jesus was administered by angels after His temptation in the wilderness (Matthew 4:11). Gabriel delivered the good news to Mary as she was chosen to be the Mother of God (Luke 1:26). The angels reveal God’s providence that reaches everywhere. He is constantly involved with and in the world. He is constantly available and always on our side. They also reveal God’s infinite beauty and power. We need the eyes of faith because our human eyes are limited. Through the eyes of faith, we are able to recognize God at work in our lives everyday.