As of this writing, there is an ongoing war in Israel. Let us pray for peace in the world especially in Israel because as what a survivor narrated, “The militants were shooting everyone. There was no mercy at all. Even children were executed.” The parable of the wicked tenants depicts how man can be an agent of violence and death (Matthew 21:33-43). It is because when we do not cooperate with grace, it leads to ruin and self-destruction. Whereas when we cooperate with grace, we flourish and produce fruits that will last and endure. The landowner of the parable represents God who planted the first -class vineyard. It reveals God’s boundless generosity. He wants the best for us. He provides everything possible to our advantage. Yet the tenants were greedy and arrogant. They represent the people of Israel and the religious elite. It is also directed to us. We live in a society that is divided, individualistic and materialistic. That is why there is culture of death around us. The landowner entrusted the vineyard to the tenants because God wants to work with us as collaborators, caretakers and partners. We are called to be faithful, responsible and fruitful stewards of creation. But the ownership of the vineyard belongs to God alone. We don’t own anything. Everything is grace and gift from God. We leave behind everything and we are called to share our blessings for the well-being of the community especially he needy. The landowner of the parable sent servants and messengers to obtain his produce of the vineyard. But the tenants maltreated and killed them. The landowner sent his only son thinking that they will respect him. Instead, they murdered him out of the vineyard like Jesus who was crucified outside the walls of Jerusalem. The response of God to those who killed His Son is not retaliation, violence and punishment. Instead, Jesus becomes the cornerstone, the strong foundation and opens for us new life, participation in the life of God. He took upon himself our punishment and saved us from our destruction. God is not the source of death and violence. He invites us to cooperate with Him so that we become agents of peace, love, mercy and compassion.