“Ask Jesus to make you a saint. After all, only He can do that. Go to confession regularly and
to communion as often as you can.” Saint Dominic Savio “Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament
has His hands full of graces, and He is ready to bestow them on anyone who asks for them.”
St. Peter of Alcantara “Father, I am hungry; for the love of God give this soul her food, her Lord
in the Eucharist.” St. Catherine of Siena “O Sisters, if we would only comprehend the fact that
while the Eucharistic Species remain within us, Jesus is there and working in us inseparably
with the Father and the Holy Spirit and therefore the whole Holy Trinity is there…” St. Mary
Magdalene di Pazzi “The minutes that follow Communion are the most precious we have in our
lives. They are the minutes best suited on our part for treating with God, and on His part for
communicating His Love to us.” St. Mary Magdalene di Pazzi

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